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The Year in Picture 2009 Ⅱ by thanks

A mourner awaits the start of a tribute to Michael Jackson at the Apollo Theater in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City on June 30.

The Gloved Ones
Michael Jackson's brothers Tito and Marlon sit in the front row at the singer's public memorial service held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Upside Down
Photographer Kate Westaway went underwater to take this image of a humpback whale calf off the coast of Turks and Caicos. "I was really terrified at first, she says. "I was in snorkel gear, and this humpback calf was brushing me with his pectoral fin. He would slap the water with his tail and then go to his mother, who was sleeping nearby, then return to us. I came eye to eye with him a few times. Maybe he was fascinated by his reflection in my 
 fish-eye lens." The photograph is printed upside down. Westawaly says she wanted to show the world from the whale's perspective.

Medical Attention
A koala injured in an Australian bushfire is attended to at an animal-rescue center in Melbourne.

A giraffe felled by drought lies dead on a road in Wajir, Kenya, where virtually no rain has fallen in several years, prompting a severe water crisis.

Caged In
A television sits inside a metal cage at a mental hospital in Baghdad. The hospital houses 1,300 patients, 400 of whom are women.

Gaza Digs Out
A Palestinian family rests in the rubble of its home in east Jebaliya after the Israeli incursion into Gaza in January.


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